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No Man’s Land


Original Oil on Canvas

“No Man’s Land” is a captivating oil painting on canvas, crafted by Irish artist Laoise Nugent-Burke. This piece is a poignant representation of the intricate relationship between humanity’s desire for control and the enduring power of nature. In this evocative piece, Nugent-Burke explores the theme of boundaries and the struggle between mankind’s attempts to demarcate territories and nature’s inexorable resistance.

“No Man’s Land” invites viewers to reflect on the intricate balance between our urge to shape the world according to our desires and the enduring allure of the untamed. Laoise Nugent-Burke’s compelling exploration of these themes through her distinctive artistic lens makes this painting a striking addition to her collection, resonating with those who ponder the complex dance between human aspirations and the tenacity of the natural world.

Oil on Canvas framed in a white open grain box frame with glass.

Canvas Size:400mm x 400mm
Frame Size: 500mm x 500mm

Inspired by and made in Ireland.

Original comes framed in a white open grain box frame with glass.


400mm x 400mm

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