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Irish Bog – Hand Inked Ceramic


Original Ink on Ceramic Tile

The “Irish Bog” unveils a captivating original artwork, skillfully painted with alcohol inks on a ceramic tile. This unique medium breathes life into the portrayal of Ireland’s iconic bog, rendered in a palette of warm earth tones accentuated by golden highlights. The result is a rich and immersive depiction that pays homage to the wealth, history, and timeless allure of these ancient landscapes.

The artwork expertly captures the essence of the Irish bog’s depth and history. Layers of alcohol inks in varying shades of rich colours create an organic tapestry that resonates with the earthy character of the bogs. Intricately intertwined within this natural mosaic are strokes of glistening gold, symbolizing both material affluence and the intangible treasures held within the Irish soil.

The use of alcohol inks on the ceramic tile brings a unique vibrancy and fluidity to the piece, mimicking the organic movement of the bog’s vegetation. The carefully applied inks create a sense of depth and texture that draws viewers into the artwork’s narrative, inviting them to explore the layers and stories held within.

Presented in a custom-made grey box frame, the artwork’s visual impact is further enhanced. The frame’s contemporary design elegantly complements the colours and tones of the piece, ensuring that the focus remains on the intricate details and vivid hues of the artwork itself.

Frame Size: 230mm x 230mm

Please note these are done as a series, each one is individual, this image on the website may not be the available one – please contact Laoise for current selection available.

Inspired by and made in Ireland.

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Original comes framed in a custom made grey box frame with glass.

All framing is done by an Irish family run business.

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