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The Good Stuff


Framed Art Print – Original Available 

Step into the enchanting world of Dublin with our captivating framed print of “The Good Stuff” – a cherished icon that embodies the city’s rich history. We present this delightful artwork, created with the utmost care to bring the spirit of James’ Gate to life.

Rendered in watercolours, this print perfectly captures the nostalgia and affection Dubliners hold for James Gate. Hang this little piece of Dublin in your home, and you’ll be transported to the very heart of the city with each glance. As a thoughtful gesture, send this print to a loved one who misses home, and let them cherish a tangible connection to their roots.

The compact size of our Janes Gate framed prints makes them an ideal choice for cozy spaces, where they can create an intimate ambiance and evoke fond memories of Dublin’s charming streets. Whether displayed individually or in an artful cluster, these prints can easily infuse your living space with the soul of the city.

Size: 260mm x 260mm
Glass Size 8” x 8”

Inspired by and made in Ireland.

The Good Stuff

Prints come framed in a beautiful Irish made, white open grain wood and glass frame. These look great in smaller spaces or grouped together.


Orange, White

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