About Laoise

The daughter of a seanchaĆ­ Laoise grew up in a 100 year old house with her extended family. She is strongly infuenced by past generations and the wild beauty of Ireland - "My Grandad was the last lamplighter in the Phoenix Park and my childhood memories are filled with life around the park and my Father's stories of anchient ledgends and Irish heroes. I will always have a deep rooted connection to this beautiful Island and it's surrounding waters, it's culture, history and passionate people.

With a background in Graphic Design and a lifetime of painting, Laoise's art has an asthetic to it that makes it timeless and widly collectable.

Oil painting and Alcohol Inks are Laoise's passion although she also works with watercolours. The different mediums allow for different forms of expression with drastically different results. "Oils are reliable and workable allowing me to keep at a piece of art until I have the desired finish. Alcohol based Inks are unpredictable, unstable and difficult to control, but they exude emotion with layers of texture and vibrant colour, the finished piece is unique and fragile".


My studio is Dublin based and part of my home. I spend a lot of time around the Irish coast, in boats and on our  islands, as my family are all Scuba Divers, this gives me great opportunities to discover the smaller islands and lesser walked tracks and trails. As some of the islands are quite rural and don't have hotels or guesthouses I also get to meet the most interesting people and communities around this beautiful island. It's not possible to visit these places and not be inspired. These times bring me right back to my childhood holidays discovering Ireland, evenings spent around campfires listening to stories of an anchient land full of passion and culture. When I'm not near the sea the flowers, wild and cultivated are my inpiration in particular the flower gardens in and around the Phoenix Park.

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my background

Artist / Designer / Illustrator

Laoise's journey has always been the scenic route. She was accepted into Art College during her final year of school but ended up in hospital and missed the Art Exams. She did them the following year and had already started an apprenticeship in Graphic Art and Signwriting. Laoise was offered a full-time course in Graphic Design (Desk-Top Publishing) and was one of only 12 students in Ireland at the time. Laoise has worked in many industries as a designer inc Print and Irish Dancing Costumes before returning to NCAD to study Art as a mature student and did their Higher Diploma in Fine Art. She is currently a full time artist. Some of her art work can be seen at www.lindaminto.com

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Art Tutor

Part-Time Art Teacher/ Oil Painting

Laoise teaches Oil Painting in Hartstown Community School on a Monday night during term time as part of their Adult and Community Education Programme.. The class is very popular and caters for all levels. Students paint their own choice of painting in their chosen style and size. For information on the classes check out www.hartstown-cep.com

Community Art

Laoise has been the Liturgical Artist for St. Mochta's Parish for several years now.

One of the projects she is most proud of is the restoration of the Stations of the Cross which are over 100 years old.

Although most of the work she does involves the Children Lirturgy team and art to help the children enjoy and understand the stories and lessons she also does work decorating the church at times of celebration.

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Follow along on Instagram for works in progress and upcoming events.